Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Yankee Candle Review

Although this post isn’t much to do with beauty, I felt I had to do a review on these AMAZING candles!  Yankee candles are the best smelling candles I have EVER come across, I am obsessed with lovely scents and I am completely addicted to perfumes, air fresheners and other fresh scented products so when I come across these candles I was in love! 

I have purchased so many Yankee Candle products in the past few years which have included both the medium and large jars, tarts and lots and lots of sampler candles!

I  recently purchased the ‘Fluffy Towels’ large jar Yankee Candle. It has such a gorgeous scent of washing powder with notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily and smells just like a pile of clean, fresh laundry that is a strong enough scent to fill the room but is not over powering at all.
The smell itself is very clean and calming and quickly fills up the whole room and even into the hallway! The large jars have a burning time of 110 to 150 hours, I have been burning this candle for around 30-35 hours now and it has hardly gone down at all so the burning time is amazing! 

In my opinion Fluffy Towels is definitely one of my favorites out of the whole Yankee Candle range along with Clean Cotton, Coconut Bay and Black Cherry. I have always loved these scents and they are smells I could never get bored of.

I have tried out many different brands of scented candles in the past but have never come across any that have beat Yankee Candles! Although these candles are quite pricey I definitely think they are worth the money and recommend them to everyone!

You can buy these candles from Clinton's Cards or the Yankee Candle website!

I hope you enjoyed reading! :)


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