Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sleek Mohawk High Ponytail - Tutorial

I am a huge fan of high ponytails and high buns and think that these are great hairstyles to create if you are looking for a quick, simple hairstyle!

I have created this hairstyle a lot throughout the summer, especially during the hot months! I find having my hair up is a lot fresher and cooler than having hair all around my neck and face when its baking hot outside, so I created different up-dos to prevent my hair from becoming crazy and annoying during the heat and this hairstyle was one of them!
If I am in a rush of a morning and have limited time I will usually turn to a ponytail or a high bun for a quicker hairstyle option. I use these hairstyles for days at work, quick outings to the shops, days when I want to give my hair a break from using heat styling tools or if I am generally having bad hair day!

I created this High ‘Mohawk’ Ponytail in 5-10 minutes; it didn’t take long to create at all! 
If you would like to know how to create this look in a few simple steps then keep on reading! :)

1. Firstly, Depending how you would like your pony tail, you can use a heat styling tool of your choice to create either a straight look, waves or curls! I used my GHD hair straightener to create soft waves. Remember to use a heat protecting spray!! 
2. I sectioned off a portion of hair from the front of my head and tied it in a hair band to keep it away from my face while I created the ponytail.
3.  I took all of my hair and brushed it upwards towards the top of my head, while holding all of the hair in one hand I sprayed hairspray all round the sides of my head and underneath the ponytail. 
4. I then used a fine, bristle brush to remove all of the lumps and bumps to create a smooth finish.
 5. Once all the bumps were removed and I was happy with the smoothness, I tied my ponytail up using 2 hair bands to keep it secure.
6.  I then removed the hair band from the front section, back combed it with a backcombing brush and clipped it back towards the ponytail, I secured this with 2 bobby-pins in the shape of an ‘X’ just in front of where the hair band is for my ponytail. 
7. Lastly, I sprayed my whole hair all over with hairspray.

 Ta Daaaa! A quick, simple & sleek high ponytail!



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