Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Shellac Bluesky UV Gel Nails - Rose Bud

As you know from my previous post ‘Dark Lava Nails’, I am obsessed with UV gel nails!

I have so many different colours now and I am always looking for different shades to add to my collection!

I change my nail colour around once a week depending how long my previous colour lasts. It should last around 3 weeks but I have an awful habit of nibbling the gel polish off! (oopsy). I also get bored of nail polish colours quite quickly so I like to switch and change often. 

This week I have decided to go with this beautiful rose pink colour from the Bluesky Shellac range. This colour is called ‘Rose Bud’. I think this is a perfect name for this polish as it definitely lives up to its name with its gorgeous rose shade of pink. I think this is a really nice colour which is perfect for any season and it helps to brighten up outfits, especially in this dull & rainy season. This is a matte polish which looks lovely on its own but I decided to add glitter, so for this I used my IBD Gel Polish – Fireworks over the top of the colour. I also used this on top of the polish in my Dark Lava nails post. 

This nail colour will definitely be making a few appearances on my nails throughout the year and I am looking forward to purchasing more colours! 

Thank you for reading.