Saturday, 21 September 2013

Westfields Shopping Haul!

So Nada, Lizzie (our good friend) and myself took a trip to Westfield's Shopping Centre at Stratford yesterday. Shockingly me and Nada had never been before, but never the less we ended up spending far too much money and came home with purchases we didn't really need, but since when is that out of the ordinary?

So the first shop we went into was Boots and they are currently holding a buy one get one half price mix & match offer on all beauty products and as soon as I saw this I just had to take full advantage! When I came across the Soap & Glory beauty stand I immediately swatched the 'Glow All Out' Illuminating Powder and was really tempted to throw it in the basket. However, after umming and ahhring I thought that it really isn't for me as I do suffer from oily-prone skin and at the best of times really try to avoid a glowy/shiny face. It was then at this point that Nada pointed out 'Peach Party' and oh my what a beautiful product! I absolutely LOVE peachy looking cheeks and this blush brick looks like it will certainly get a lot of love from me! I've not actually heard much about this product from S&G which is quite surprising as the pigmentation is great and it's not too shimmery but leaves a natural flush to the cheeks. PERFECT. I will do a full review and swatches of this blush soon, so look out for that!

I also picked up Seventeen's 'Skin Wow' 3 way highlighter after I'd  heard such good things about this little beauty and couldn't resist purchasing it! I'm so excited that the drugstore have finally brought out a liquid highlighter! I plan to only use this as a liquid highlighter on the top of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose on the browbone and cupid's bow. For me personally I do not like the thought of using it as a primer or mixed in with my foundation only because I prefer my skin to look matte over glowy, however I think that it would still look beautiful on others when used in those ways. 

I needed to repurchase the Rimmel 'Lash Accelerator Endless' mascara as it is brilliant for seperating the lashes without any clumping and it is ideal to use everyday. I also picked up another Maybelline 'Color Tattoo' in the shade Metallic Pomegranate which is a perfect autumnal shade and I cannot wait to create a smokey, autumn look featuring this cream eyeshadow. I love the consistency and the longevity of these eyeshadows and there is quite a good selection of shades to choose from!

Next I found myself bee-lining for the Real Techniques stand and I picked up the 'Miracle Complexion Sponge' which has newly been released and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this beauty. I have so much love for the Real Techniques Make-up brushes and recommend them to anyone and everyone! They are so affordable and most of all do a really great job at applying make-up flawlessly! I'm sure this will be a great addition to my ever-expanding collection and I look forward to reviewing this Beauty Blender dupe soon!

Lastly I headed over to Estee Lauder and picked up 'Double Wear Maximum Cover' which I have not previously tried out but due to the great reviews I have heard, I thought this product would work well at covering any blemishes and scarring I have on my face without drying my skin or looking too cakey once blended well. We'll see what happens when I use it!

So after a lunch break which consisted of consuming some lovely cocktails in TGI'S, oh and our favourite... BBQ Ribs we then headed straight to MAC. Originally I had in mind to pick up 'Shy Girl' (lipstick) but unfortunately and heart-breakingly they had sold out! An assistant then recommended the 'Nude: 3 Lip Palette' from the new Antonio Lopez collection. After trying two of the shades on me I didn't take much persuasion to buy it!

We then went into Victoria's Secrets and headed straight to the body mists where I repurchased 'Noir Tease'. I first came across this scent in an LA store and as a sweet scent lover I loved it! It's a brilliant spray to just throw in your handbag and spritz throughout the day!

The Body Shop then called my name to repurchase the 'Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel' but again, without luck being on my side they had sold out! As I had completely run out and needed to buy a new one ASAP I reluctantly settled for smelling the 'Mango' scent. Oh my, this also smells divine, but don't worry Coconut still remains my all-time favourite! I also have been on the hunt for the perfect primer and I have heard that the 'Tea Tree Pore Minimiser' primer is fantastic. As it is specifically aimed at blemish-prone skin I am hoping this may just be the one for me! 

The last port of call was Superdrug and again I knew exactly what I wanted in there. MUA MUA MUA! I was after the two new eye-shadow palettes, 'Smokin' and the 'Matte Ever After'. Luckily they had both of these palettes in stock and I didn't bat an eyelid to snatch them up! I also spotted a single eyeshadow in 'Shade 24' which looks like a lovely shimmery cranberry shade and I think this will pair perfectly with the Pomegranate Color Tattoo.

And there you have it! A rambly post about my beauty purchases from Westfield's. I did also pick up a new leather jacket from the Kelly Brook range in New look which was on my Wishlist post. I think it will get me through autumn and winter and I am excited to start wearing it! 

Anyway thanks for reading my post! Leave a comment if you wish, i'd love to hear your thoughts!

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