Thursday, 12 September 2013

UV Gel Polish Review - Dark Lava Nails

I am obsessed with painting my nails but after years of using drugstore polishes I found that they chip quickly and I got tired of re-painting my nails over and over every few days so I wanted to try a better option. 18 months ago I had my nails done by a friend with UV IBD Gel Polish in the Salon before I went on holiday, I had heard great stories about Gel Nails and thought I would give it a try, I was amazed by how long it lasted! After week of snorkeling, water parks and climbing Greek mountains & fortresses my nails still looked the same as when I left the salon! No chips, no smudges, and no flaking nail polish! They ended up lasting around 2-3 weeks.

Around 8 months ago I decided to buy a whole UV Gel Machine and Gel Nail Kit to do my nails myself and it is definitely money well spent! I love being able to do my own nails whenever I like with polish that lasts for weeks! I have bought a lot of different colours now and am looking forward to buying more in the future. 

As Autumn is making a appearance I wanted to step away from the summer neons and purchase some darker autumn colours, My most recent Gel Nail Polish is from the Bluesky range, I ordered the colour 'Dark Lava' which is a deep purple that is beautiful! I paired this up with a IBD Glitter polish 'Fireworks' which adds a lovely sparkle and finishes the nail look.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, you can buy them all from Amazon! 

For the UV Gel Nail Machine click here! For the BlueSky Dark Lava Gel Polish click here! :)

I definitely recommend trying out UV Gel Polish, it has changed my life! 

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read :)


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  1. Completely agreed - gel polishes are an excellent way to keep consistent colour for a guaranteed longer period of time - it's so frustrating when you get chipped nails!

    Great post; thanks for sharing.

    Love the dark lava polish - perfect for this new season!

    x Roch & Tash x