Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: Urban Decay De-Slick Make-up Setting Spray

Urban Decay De-Slick Make-up Setting Spray

As mentioned in a previous post, I suffer from an oily T-Zone and battle on a daily basis to keep a shiny face at bay. In order to keep my skin looking matte throughout the day I touch up every few hours with a setting powder, however I do sometimes find that as the day wears on my face will either look very shiny or cakey.

Although I had previously heard a lot of good things surrounding setting sprays, I had never thought to try one out myself so I have to admit this was a very spontaneous purchase and I bought the 30ml travel-size to see if it would work for me.

The Urban Decay De-Slick is a mattifying and oil-controlling setting spray which can be used before and after applying make-up. The spray is a very fine mist which is unscented and dries almost immediately on the skin once applied. I spray about 4-5 pumps as recommended in an 'X' and 'T' shape and have noticed that the oilyness does not appear as quickly and at the end of the day only slight melting is noticeable. I wouldn't go as far to say that this controls oil completely, however my face has looked generally more matte than it has oily. I definitely can tell that on days I haven't worn this I have had to powder more regularly, so overall I would recommend this product for those that suffer with oily-prone skin!

I would suggest that for those that are looking for a flawless finish to last all day then certainly use a primer that works best for you before you apply your base just to give it that extra boost for prolonging your make-up.

You can pick this up from online at Debenhams or at House of Fraser for around £9.00/30ml

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the review!

Louise xxx


  1. I really want to try the All Nighter version of this spray. I have dry skin, and my makeup never seems to last so I think it would be perfect to keep my makeup in place :))) xxx
    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. This is the only one i've tried but I have heard really good reviews on the All Nighter setting spray being better suited for those with drier skin!

    Thanks for the comment!

    Louise xxx