Sunday, 18 May 2014

Summer and sparkles.... IBD Just Gel Marigold & Fireworks


As you probably can tell, both Nada and I love gel polish and now that we've had some beautiful weather recently, I thought it was about time that I started to wear some more 'summery' and bright colours on my nails. 

I've had the IBD Just Gel shade 'Marigold' for a while and it's a beautiful cross between a Fuchsia pink and a bright red with shimmer running through. I think it's definitely a summer colour and looks amazing with a tan so I'm really looking forward to wearing this shade a lot over the summer. 

Because I can never get enough of glitter, I have decided to put the shade 'Fireworks' over the top which is a lovely clear multicoloured glitter and it's my favourite go-to glitter shade for my nails. I love it! The shade Marigold is beautiful enough on its own but I think with Fireworks over the top it just looks Ah-Mazing! 

Now that we've got some lovely weather, I'm looking forward to adding some more summery gel colours to my collection, next on my list is a beautiful Cobolt blue! So I'm on the hunt! Let me know if there's any other gel colours that you like, I'm excited to find some new colours!



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